When it comes to driving, after enough practice you will find that it becomes almost like second nature. 

However there is one element of driving that we are forever trying to master, and that is the art of predicting fellow drivers.

Whilst you would assume that everybody on the roads drives sensibly, this simply isn’t true.

So in order to help you stay safe on the road, here are our top 3 things to look out for whilst driving.


One of the most important factors to look out for when driving is the distance between you and other vehicles.

Most people assume that they just have to look in front of them, however it is equally as important to see the distance between you and the following vehicle.

As a general rule of thumb we would recommend that you keep a distance of roughly 2 seconds between you and the car in front. This allows you enough time to react to their vehicle.

Although if the weather conditions are bad enough to affect your driving, we recommend instead using the 4 second rule, to compensate for any hindrance caused by the weather.

That brings us onto the following vehicle distance. Whilst you cannot directly control the distance between you and the following vehicle.

If you notice that the following vehicle is particularly close, you should slightly increase the distance between you and the vehicle in front, to allow extra reaction time, as sudden reactions with a vehicle close behind is a recipe for disaster!


Another important factor to consider whilst driving is speed. Not just your own speed, but the speed of other drivers around you.

Judging this well, will allow you to better predict the intentions of other drivers, as well as keeping yourself safe from them.

Whilst you must always obey the speed limits, you will often find that some people feel that they can ignore this limit.

If you do see someone driving too fast, be patient, as they are often impatient. This can lead to accidents, especially in busy areas.

On the contrary, some people will drive too slow. Whilst this is not directly a hazard, it can often cause other drivers to become impatient.

So whenever you are trailing a slower moving vehicle, it is important to keep your cool, and not become impatient with them.

Feel free to overtake the driver when it’s safe. But do not try to overtake carelessly due to impatience, as this is very dangerous and will likely result in an accident.

Blind Spots

One aspect of driving that is often forgotten about is checking blind spots.

Whilst people still use their mirrors, they often forget to check the small areas where the mirrors do not cover, also known as blind spots.

Whether your about to start your journey, or perhaps you are reversing into a tricky spot, whatever the situation, it is crucial to check your blind spots.

You may think that your mirrors cover everything that you need to see, but that is simply not the case.

Particularly for reversing as you have to concentrate on the positioning of your car, as well as being aware of what’s around you.

The blind spots on your car will help you to confirm whether the space is clear, because often smaller hazards, such as people or objects can be out of sight of your mirrors.

If you make sure to stay attentive of these 3 things, then you will find you are better able to predict the road and its drivers!